A Light in the Fog

As fall arrives in New England, the weather is turning as fast as the leaves fall. Mornings are getting colder, damper, and darker. This particular morning, I woke up excited to get up, go for a morning drive, and take some photos. I was headed for a set of falls on this morning, but on the way, drove along the river, which an eerie steam rising from it. As much as I wanted to stop, I thought that this effect of steam would be incredible rising from the falls, which were just a few miles down the road.

As I got closer to the falls, visibility decreased, and everything became a monotone gray. From the shore, the falls were barely visible, certainly not visible enough to photograph. I decided to head back upstream to the part of the river where the steam was rising before. Unfortunately, the fog had descended on that section of the river as well, and the opportunity for a photograph was gone.

I decided to head home, tail between my legs, disappointed that I missed an opportunity. As I sulk, a light caught the corner of my eye. I slowed down, pulled over, and found this amazing view of a train in the fog. I have seen this train a thousand times, it comes to the cement company in town multiple times a week to pick up loads. In the daylight, it’s your average train, but in this fog, it’s a sight to behold!┬áMy morning was saved.

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